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Engineering Foundations for Youth Education


est. 2016

Who, What, Why, When & Where

Project Summary

Location: Saint-Louis, Senegal
Project: Funding & Construction of ACS Center, comprising of Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Hygiene & Health Clinic
Project Duration: April 2016 - present
Construction: fall 2018
Active Volunteers: Seven; (USA 3 · Senegal 2 · France 1 · Sweden 1)
Fundraiser method: Solicitied Donations, Social Media Crowdfunding, 501(c)(3) partnership
Lead Nonprofits: Foundations for Senegal (USA), Mission: Senegal (SWE)
Receiving Nonprofit: ASC, Association Chance (for all) Senegal (SEN)

Since 2015, over a dozen volunteers worldwide have been actively involved in the process of making this project a reality. These volunteers have been organized through the structure of the following groups.

: Seattle & Pullman, Washington, USA
Director: Andrew Stephenson
Founded: 2016
Mission: Assist funding and construction for ACS building and assist fundraising future operation &maintenance expenses.

: Karlstad, Sweden
Director: Anna Norberg
Founded: 2015
Mission: Assist funding and construction for ACS building and assist fundraising future operation &maintenance expenses.

Location: Saint-Louis, Senegal
School Name: Garderie des Petits Anges
Director: Fina Senghor
Founded: 2010 (as ASPE)
Mission: Offer education and first-aid health and hygiene to families in poverty to better prepare children academically, thereby helping fight local systemic poverty.

Our Mission
  • Community-supported project
  • Prioritize gender equality
  • Long-term planning
  • Volunteer-run charity
  • 100% of donations given to school construction & longterm maintenance
  • Help reduce systemic poverty
  • Provide free, early childhool education
  • Support families, babies, childrens of all ages
  • Support using sustainable materials, methods
Team Timeline
First Team
Before FFS ever began their design, Anna and Fina had already visited the site to discuss plans and financial deadlines. In 2011, Fina began the kindergarten with her colleagues where they purchased the property on which we are building today, while renting a building for a temporary location. It was Fina who requested FFS to design and fund a building for the existing property.
Sports Team
Doug and Pathé are leaders in the sports department. Having donated balls, uniforms and equipment to begin the youth soccer club for men. It will be important to have leaders to support physical education at the future school.
Design Team
The design team began in April 2016 and evolved into a group of five student engineers at Washington State University. Their volunteer project was approved for receiving course credit, which produced a detailed design report and long-term plan for the school. The concept designs are approved by Fina and building will be conveyed to the project managers for construction.
Fundraising Team
Our team now comprises of current members and the general public to crowdfund the funds necessary to complete this school.
The Beginnings
Before FFS
In 2011, a kindergarten was launched in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Saint-Louis, Senegal, where a non-profit association leased the building for hosting their activities.  Named the Garderie Les Petits Anges, the kindergarten welcomed children without the means to afford private nurseries and pre-schools, funded by ASPE, Association pour la sauvegarde de la petite enfance, or Association for the Protection of Early Childhood, founded and directed by Fina Senghor.  A piece of property was purchased on the outskirts of Saint-Louis at this time for planning a future home to this kindergarten.

The rent was paid for by the pooled donations from individual’s own salaries at ASPE and overseas donors.  Enough money was available that gifts were bought during holidays for the children.  There were sometimes performances from dancers and other performs for the several dozen students that attended the school.

After two years, the Association could no longer afford the lease, however; this led to the early closure of the kindergarten at that location. Since 2013, the kindergarten and its activities have been unable to continue until another building can be leased or built.

In 2011, a piece of property was purchased for the future construction of a new kindergarten to resume operation.  The loan withdrawn is still being paid for, which will be a priority to settle before the project can begin construction.  The 300-square-meter piece of property is located in a semi-rural environment without any adjacent developed property.

In 2015, Andrew Stephenson contacted Fina regarding an engineering project to pursue in the area.  Unable to begin the project at that time, it was pushed back one year later to April.  Throughout the summer of 2016, a design team was assembled.  By September, the project had snowballed with a fundraising team formed by over a dozen former Projects Abroad volunteers scattered across the world.

The opening of the school is expected to be spring 2018.

What is this school accomplishing?




  • Supports early-childhood learning
  • Gives children confidence to learn
  • Provided necessary academic foundations to succeed in primary school
  • Educations children how to:
    1. Wash their hands
    2. Brush their teeth
    3. Indentify potable water
    4. Self-diagnose their injuries, illness
  • Allows avoiding major roads to access school
  • Decreases walking distance ten-fold




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  • Acts as resource to families in poverty
  • Health clinic in school open weekends:
    1. Education on illnesses, symptoms
    2. Counselling on hygiene
    3. First-Aid Assistance
  • Reduces crowding in other schools
  • Sets example for other schools to follow
  • Sends message to government that their are too few schools
Meet The Team
Past and present, we are a mix nationalities and talents across three continents. Some of us focus on translation and education while others have skills in construction and design. To contact someone in particular, visit the Contact page and send a message; we will forward you to the appropriate person.
  1. President
    Andrew Stephenson
  2. Représentante
    Chloé Fouques
  3. Engineer
    Brett Johnson
  4. Engineer
    Deontae Elder
  5. Engineer
    Abdon Godinez
  6. Fundraising
    Anna Norberg
  7. Representative
    Pathé Faye
  8. Photographer
    Douglas Stephenson
  9. ACS School Director
    Fina Senghor
    ACS School Director